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February Meeting

Our program for February included several favorite tools. These included rulers that make quilting easier, a binding tool, a telescoping collapsible reaching tool with a magnetic end, forked pins, a wool ironing pad, and a design wall. What is your favorite tool that you can't live without?

Membership cards were handed out to our current members. On the back side they have our QR code to help us link to our website easily. All you need is a smart phone that has a camera. Click the picture and a link to the website pops up! As Cindy was told by her son, you do not need to load the QR app on your phone - it is built in to all smart phones. Therefore, if you weren't at the meeting, you can use your card to find out what blocks are due at the next meeting.

Also, for those finishing their Renton River Days challenge blocks, a surprise gift will be waiting for each of you. First finished, first choice. We look forward to seeing those blocks!